Brygg Aquavit glass
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Brygg Aquavit glass


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Brygg -ブリッゲ アクアビットグラス - 北欧の名産、ジャガイモの蒸留酒アクアビットのために特別に設計されたグラス。 香り高い他の種類のお酒にもお使い頂けます。 デザイナー:Sverre Uhnger(スヴェッレ・ウンガー) ---------------------------- OPPLAND has an attractive shape, designed specifically for cask matured aquavit. Norwegian aquavit has a long tradition and is distinguished by its well-balanced and rounded flavour. Cask maturation gives it this gentle and nuanced taste. To enjoy this drink at its best, the glass should be filled to the centre of the bowl, providing a large surface area and lots of aroma. The bowl and the neck shape enhance the subtle aromas of the aquavit, while the arch of the neck adds to your drinking pleasure. The stem makes it easy to swirl the aquavit and enjoy the bouquet, and the glass rests comfortably in your hand. The glass is also suitable for other types of liquor with fullness and aroma. Aquavit should be enjoyed at room temperature on its own or together with complementary foods, such as traditional Norwegian food and Christmas food. Designer : Sverre Uhnger Size : H12cm Volume : 4cl