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Brygg glass

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  • Porter

  • Pilsner

  • IPA

Brygg - ブリッゲ ビールグラス- Porter(写真2枚め) ゆったりとした丸い形がリッチでアルコール度数の高いビール用のグラスです。 広いウエストはその大きな面積でフレーバーとアロマを引き立てます。ネック部分はアロマを集め、口につけたときの傾きはエレガントな形になります。 こうした特徴を持つグラスは、ポーターやスタウトなどコーヒーやチョコレートのニュアンスがあるフルボディビールの理想形です。また、ボックやバーレーワインなどのストロングエールにも合います。 丸いボウルはグラスを手のひらで温めるのにも良い形。良いコニャックのようなリッチなビールはそれだけでも楽しめ、風味に富んだフードとの相性も良いです。 10−14℃が適度な温度です。 ------- Pilsner(写真3枚め) トップに泡をキープしている間、気泡や鮮やかな色を楽しむことができるスリムで軽やかなデザインです。 グラスは手の中で心地よく持つことができ、その口の当たりはラガーのかすかなニュアンスを拾い感じさせてくれます。 このグラスは下面発酵のビール(ラガーやベイヤーなど)やライトビール、上面発酵ビール(ウィートビールやブロンドビールなど)におすすめです。 ピルスナーは冷たい状態(4-6℃)で提供されるのが良く、バーベキューフードなどにも合います。 ------- IPA(写真4枚め) IPAのようなホップが強いビールのために作られたグラスです。 尖った下部はビールを注ぐときに味の微妙な違いを活発にさせ、ボウル部分はアロマを閉じ込めます。 IPAは元々イングランドで作られ、植民地へ輸送するために大量のホップを使い防腐処理されていたましたが、現代のIPAはフレッシュでフルーティな刺激的なアロマのビールとなっています。 IPA単体では勿論、ノルウェーの伝統的なクリスマス料理などに合わせて飲むのもおすすめ。 複雑な香りのペールエールやセゾン、サワービールなどにも使えます。 6−10℃が適温です。 デザイナー:Sverre Uhnger(スヴェッレ・ウンガー) サイズ:12cm 容量:33cl ---------------------------- Porter (First image) Porter (FYLDIG) has a spacious and round shape suitable for rich and spirituous beers. The wide waist provides a large surface area and enhances flavour and aroma. The neck collects the aromas, and a tilt at the mouth is designed to give an elegant shape from which to drink. The shape of the glass makes it ideal for full-bodied beers like porter and stout with its nuances of coffee and chocolate. It will also fit well to bock, barley The round bowl also allows you to warm the glass and the beer in your hand. Rich beers can be enjoyed alone as a good cognac or accompany flavorful foods like casseroles or cheeses. The glass is suited to the recommended temperature of 10-14 degrees. Rich beers can be enjoyed alone as a good cognac or accompany flavourful foods like casseroles or cheeses. The glass is suited to the recommended temperature of 10-14 degrees. ------- Pilsner (second image) PILS has a slim and light design that shows off the bubbles and the fresh color of your lager while keeping the foam head. This glass is designed for pilsner, which is a light lager and the most widespread beer in Norway. Pils is an under-fermented beer, based on the esteemed traditions of German and Czech brewing.It is a mild, crisp beer, fruity with a slightly bitter aftertaste. The glass rests comfortably in your hand and the slim shape and mouth highlight the subtle nuances of any lager, and makes it a pleasure to drink from. The glass is suitable for under-fermented beers such as lager or bayer, or light, over-fermented beers such as wheat beer and blond beer. Pils should be served cold and enjoyed either on its own or with barbecues. The recommended temperature is 4-6 degrees. ------- IPA (third image) IPA is a clear glass with a defined form intended for hops beers like India Pale Ale. The pointy bottom of the glass activates tastes and nuances when it is served, whilst at the same time the defined bowl will keep the aromas locked in. IPA is often over-fermented with a lot of hops and often high alcohol content. IPA originated in England and the preservative properties of hops was well suited for beer which were to be transported to the colonies. Modern IPA is characterised as being fresh and pungent with fruity aromas. The glass has a distinct stem that allows you to vary the grip and warm the beer with your hand if it's too cold. The glass mouth allows you to enjoy the distinct aromas as you drink. The glass is also suitable for beers such as pale ale, Saison and sour beer. IPA's complex character makes it suitable to be enjoyed alone or with matching flavour such as traditional Norwegian Christmas food. The recommended temperature is 6-10 degrees. Designer : Sverre Uhnger Size : H12cm Volume : 33cl